Why did I start this blog / site thing?

The main idea of this site is to help people use science to become more financially independent (scifire.com was not available!). Instead of being another FIRE blog, this site is more about YOU. I want to help you optimize your mindset and improve how you think about what you do with your resources. I illuminate many factors that you should consider when making a financial decision and quantitatively estimate their importance (there are many calculators on this site!). I suggest tips on how to do things and how NOT to do things, and hope you can learn from my mistakes. Hopefully you will get some ideas for changes you can make and come to an understanding of whether they are worth it for you. In the end, I am hoping to motivate you to make changes / decisions that will allow you (most of you out there have an average-ish income like me) to retire a few years earlier or just have significantly more assets when you do retire. We can’t all retire at 30 or 35 (Lord knows I didn’t).

I have been obsessed with reducing emissions and waste and pollution. That generally means buying less stuff and consuming less fossil fuels. Since you can kill two birds with one stone by saving money and saving the Earth, I focus a lot on how we can reduce our energy consumption.