Shower Head Savings Calculator: Definitely Get Low-Flow Shower Heads

One of the first things we did to our new house was put in low flow (1.5 GPM) shower heads. This is a simple and significant change. See what changing shower heads could save YOU:

Too much info on how the calculator works:

The calculator is basically just using the “MCAT ” equation for heat (Q=mcDT) where Q is energy used, m is the mass of the water, c is the specific heat capacity of water (4.18J/g*K), and DT is the temperature difference between the cold source water and your hot shower water. Your shower habit info is used to calculate the mass of water per month you use to shower (gallons/mo. times 3.78L/gal times the density of 1000g/L gives the mass in grams). This mass is then multiplied by 4.18 and by the temperature difference, which is converted to a Celsius (or Kelvin) degree difference. The resulting energy is Joules is converted to kw*hr by multiplying by the conversion factor of 0.0000002778 kw*hr/J.

Reduce heat cost completely with a solar shower

The zero energy cost way to go is with a solar heated shower. There are products available like bags and more intricate standing showers, but I will post my ideas on this later. Stay tuned.

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